How to get

In order to facilitate your arrival at our accommodation, we are going to show you the estimated time as well as the roads you have to take to get to Arguis from the main cities of Spain, they are:

  • Madrid: 4h on the A-2
  • Barcelona: 3h on the A-2 and A-22
  • Zaragoza: 1h by E-7 / A-23
  • Navarra: 2h on the A-21
  • Pamplona: 2h on the A-21
  • Logroño: 2h 30 min by AP-68 and E-7 / A-23

If you are from another city or want to find another alternative for the route, through the map that shows our location (Calle Arco, 10) you can draw the route that is most favorable for you.